Summer Skincare routine -night time

I hope your all enjoying my skin care week! You will have seen the updated day time post earlier in the week, if you missed it you can find it here.

I am also linking in my winter version of this post , you can find this here 


I still like to take time to really look after my skin at night-time, I love the feeling of taking my “face” off and its a few minutes I get to myself!

I also do a steam and deep cleanse and treatment one or twice a week, but that’s coming in a separate post! So here we go ladies!


dhc_cleansing_oil no7_face_brush clarins_gentle_foaming_cleanser

I’m not going to bang on about how important it is to cleanse the skin, we already know all that ! What I am going to bang on about is cleansing the skin properly! especially after a day at work with make up and god knows what on your poor skin!


I love the DHC deep cleansing oil to take my make up off, this breaks down everything including waterproof mascara. when you add water to it turns into a milk and really leaves the skin feeling beautifully clean and fresh! I rinse this off then use my No 7 facial cleansing brush I use this with a pea size about of facial cleanser. At the moment I’m using the Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser. Paired together these two leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth.




I always use a toner, its a really important step that a lot of people miss out . I’m using the Botanics brightening toner at the moment I really like it! Using a toner gets rid of any cleanser , oil or make up left on the skin. It also helps to close and tighten the pores and rebalance the skins natural PH.


Kiehls_creamy_eye Clarins_facial_oil Avon_youth_restore

It’s important to look after the eye area, as the skin around the eyes is thinner and ages quicker because of this , I really like to use the Kiehls creamy eye treatment it’s very moisturising and nourishing! I did a review of it, which you can find here.


Moisturising at night is an important step! The skin rebalances and rejuvenate’s so its important we help it on its way! I’m a fan of facial oils at bed time ! my favourite is the Clarins Blue Orchid Oil , this is a hydrating facial oil that can be used on its own or under a night cream. I always feel like my skin looks more radiant and plump the morning after I’ve used this!


I like to use the Avon youth restore moisturizer at night as well. This definitely helps my skin to feel much supple and even. I use this every night and I really feel like I’ve seen a difference since using this!


The other thing I do is change my pillow case regularly, so that I’m not sleeping in bacteria etc, I also drink lots of water , I find this helps to keep my skin clear!

I also use masks, exfoliators and a steamer.  Find out more later in the week!

Have you got any recommendations for night-time products let me know, I’m always on the look out for new pieces!


Thanks for reading gorgeous xxx



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