my night time skincare routine



I have to admit I’m a self-confessed skin care junkie! And night-time really is when I get my fix! My skin it typically combination , I find it to be quite dehydrated and prone to hormonal out breaks too , mainly on the chin!

This routine may not be to everyone’s liking but its the only time in the day when I get longer than five minutes to myself and I really love taking the days war paint off too!

I really do make a meal of it , but as I’ve said before ,I’m a big believer that if you look after your skin when your younger you will reap the rewards in later life! So I start with make up remover, I’m a fan of balms or gels for this job , as there’s plenty that needs to be melted! My favourites for this are Botanic’s cleaning balm and Palmers daily cleansing gel. I massage the product Into dry skin and allow it to break the make up down . Once I look like something from the other-side I like to remove with a soft cloth and warm water .

Next it’s on to cleansing , I like to wash my face at night , just to be sure I remove all make up! I’m currently using the Philosophy purify face wash . I also love the Botanics face wash , and Clarins gentle foaming cleanser . I like to use cleanser with the no7 beautiful skin brush , it’s amazing how much actually comes away with this brush! It leaves the skin feeling clean and smooth !

I thoroughly rinse the face with clean cold water. I use cold water to help to close and tighten any pores that may have been stimulated by the above steps! I follow this step with a toner , again to help close the pores and remove any cleanser or make up that may be left on the skin. I tend to use Botanics brighting toner or the Lush tea tree toner.

I ‘d pop a little eye cream on , I have very dark under eyes thanks to my dad and the Italian part of my family! I really like Boots simply  sensitive hydrating eye cream for nourishing and smoothing out the eye area. Depending on how my skin is feeling I would now reach for an oil or a moisturizer , some times it may be both! I adore facial oils your skin really does feel fantastic the next morning! I really love the Clarins blue orchid oil which is for dehydrated skin .

I can’t always afford this so a great alternative I’ve found is Avon heavenly hydration oil . I don’t use an oil every night , it’s about 2-3 times a week especially if my skin looks tired and a bit grey ! It always gives my skin a gorgeous glow and it feels much more supple! I’m not sure if this from the oil or the massaging of the oil?!


For moisturiser at night I enjoy something with a richer consistency. I tend to alternate between Avon care moisturiser these are Light hydration, rich moisture and youth restore (I am 30 now!)  ,  Again this depends on how my skin feels! I also like to buff my moisturiser into the skin with a real techniques buffing brush. I do this as it feel like it gets the moisturiser into the deeper layers of the skin ! Then I pop on some of the body shop hemp lip conditioner on my lips and I’m finally finished!


Steam, Masks and Ex foliation I would say once a week I give my skin a bit of a mini treat! I love to steam my face using my  VISQ facial sauna,   I put half of a lush tea tree tab into the steamer and have a good 10 minutes to myself! Once the pores are open I put some pure tea tree oil onto a cotton pad and quickly sweep over the skin.

This kills any bacteria in the skin, in amazed how much dirt and make up comes out at this stage! I also enjoy using face masks , as my skin is combination I use various things!Yes at the same time ! I use the Avon heavenly hydration mask around the eye and cheek area and the Avon pore penetrating mask in the rest of the face ! I find the clay mask tightens my pores and draws out any impurities and oil .

While the other mask hydrates and plump’s out the areas that need a little help! I also love the lush fresh masks , the don’t seem to last me very long though! My favourites been the sacred truth and mask of magnanimity ,Just beautiful !! I exfoliate twice a week , I really love a course exfoliator as I like it to feel like it’s actually doing something! I Alternate between Avon pore penetrating scrub and lush ocean salt . I like to use Lush bubblegum lip scrub on my lips too!

I know this was a lengthy post ! In sorry I told you I was addicted! What are your favourite products ? And you ritual routine ?

Thanks for reading gorgeous!! Gemx




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